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    Trouble downloading library books to my ADE


      I'm having trouble downloading library books to my ADE.  I have already done the uninstall/reinstall a couple of times, but I'm still having problems.  I get the following error:


      My Mommy Is Insane:

      IO Error on Network Request.

      Please check your network connection and try again.


      Network Path:



      Event Detail:

      Error #2038

      --- end ---

      Is there anyone else having the same error and know how to correct it?  I have Windows Vista.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          That's a network error between you and the Library's server.  Something in your computer or your network is not letting

          you download the file indicated in the error message.  Check your network settings to ensure you have access to that server.

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            I'm also having trouble, but I'm not getting an error message.  I've installed Adobe Digital and when I click on download and then open, nothing happens.  I was able to download a couple books from Adobe's sample library, but some books there did the same thing, I click on open and get nothing.  If I click on save it saves them as ACSM files on my hard drive.  I haven't installed my Nook yet in the Adobe Digital, do I need to do that first?  I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Digital once already on my home computer.  I'm following all the directions I've found, and still nothing.  What am I missing?  Thanks!

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              I really cannot make any suggestions. I resolved my problem by erasing all of the older versions of Adobe from my computer and reinstalling the latest version.


              Hope you resolve this problem soon.


              Mrs. Lee