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    MPEG-4 format - H.264 codec - AME CS5

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      If I were to want to use these settings (below) - how would I do that using Adobe Media Encoder? I ask because when I choose MPEG-4 as a format I don't see an option to use H.264 as the codec - forgive my ignorance - I see that if I choose H.264 as the format I will get the proper MP4 file extension and the parameter options to fiddle with - except regarding bit rate - as I only see numbers ranging from 0 to 300 depending on the level and profile I choose - Profile? - Level? -  I've read the manual and the associated Wikipedia link regarding profile and level - I get it - that higher numbers mean better quality - bigger files and slower encoding - but - how do those numbers translate to Bit- rate in Kbits???. Anyway - specific guidance in achieving these specs would be helpful and appreciated - points will be awarded.


      Container format: MPEG-4
      File extension: MP4
      Total bit rate: 512 Kbit/s
      Codec: H.264
      Bit-rate: 416 Kbit/s
      Frame size: 480x360 (4:3), 640x360 (16:9)

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          The MPEG-4 option has only two low resolution h.263 codec options for 3G mobile phones. I assume that isn't what you want. As to the "format" h.264, I have a bitrate setting under the Video tab with AME CS5. Try starting out with NTSC DV High Quality as  the preset and then change the settings (resolution, bit rate, as needed). As soon as you change one setting, the preset will switch to custom. Some of the presets don't show all the options, BTW.