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    White Screen where Flash should appear - was working now not




      I currently have Flash Player version installed and run Windows XP Pro.


      I have an embedded FLV file on the main page of my company website (www.cvideosolutions.com).  I created the embed code using freevideoencoding.com, here is the code for what is embedded on my site:


      <!-- START FreeVideoCoding.com -->
      <embed  src="http://freevideocoding.com/flvplayer.swf?file=http://www.cvideosolutions.com/files/Christi anNicoleDetroit.flv&autoStart=true"  width="480" height="270" quality="high"  type="application/x-shockwave-flash"  pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"></embed>
      <!--  END FreeVideoCoding.com -->


      Here's the issue:  This file was playing FINE.  Suddenly today (July 1st) instead of playing, it appears as a big white box.  When you right click on the box it gives you two options:  the first is grayed out and says "Movie not loaded..." and the only other option is to click "About Adobe Flash Player 10."


      I am confident that it is not a problem local to my computer...I have tried now from 8 different computers (Mac and Windows), all of which were able to view the file fine as of yesterday, and now all of them show the white box.  The only thing in common is they are all running Flash Player 10, although some are running an older version of 10.


      The file was not altered in any way and again WAS playing fine.  It is hosted on my ftp site, and if I access my ftp and play the file from there, it plays fine.


      I have searched and searched and have come up with no solutions.  I am not sure what could have occured, maybe a recent update?  I've tried altering parts of the embed code, I've tried different files, all have had the same results.  I also tried embedding a WMV file using the same method and this worked fine, so the problem seems to be specific to Flash Player, or the flv files.


      PLEASE HELP!!!!!   (thanks!)