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    Text links and build tags

    MELZ C

      Hi I am using RH6  and have it set up with 2 conditonal build tags (for 2 different brands).I am having some trouble with text links. I am linking by dropping and dragging from the Project tab. But when I view and produce the output files both brands are showing. Am I missing a step somewhere to add in the build tag or something else. Can anyone help please.

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          Amebr Level 4

          I'm not sure of where you're at in your setup, so I'll start at a very general level. There are a number of stages required for conditional tags.


          1. Create the conditional tags.

          2. Create Single Source Layouts (SSL).

          I create one for each combination of conditional tags and output I need (e.g. MS HTML Help Brand 1 and MS HTML Help Brand 2, Print Brand 1 and Print Brand 2).

          3. Define the conditional build expression for each SSL.

          The easiest way is to exclude content. So for Brand 1 outputs, your expression would be NOT Brand 2.

          NOTE: any content that does not have a tag is included in all outputs.

          4. Apply the tags to content and topics (this can include TOC and index entries). Just tag content/topics that are specific for each brand, so anything that is common is included in for both brands.


          Hope this helps,