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    Catalyst to Dreamweaver?


      I'm sorry if this has been discussed, but I am new using Trial version.  I:


      Made a button in FC by dragging down a wireframe component.


      I set  its interaction to play url on click. (to my website)
      Running project  in FC it worked perfectly. (as well as Air App)

      I exported deploy-to-web (seemed to work great)


      I imported main.swf in  dreamweaver cs5 into a blank doct. (and into a div later)
      I previewed in (all) browser(s) and the function  (go to url) did not work.


      What am I doing wrong? I'd like to create Navigation bars for all my sites using FC, but this needs to work simple before I continue, or purchase.


      And for extra credit?  :  Is there any issues uploading multiple FC files named main.swf to your  website? As you would need to do as that's how they are named  automatically by FC.



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          jimcatseattle Level 1

          Well, woke up this am to summer rain again. Read through the a few of the posts and found people were having success with issues by uploading to server. So, I did this, put my site live and the button issue is resolved, but, what a pain, to not be able to test in DW locally.


          As far as the second question, duplicate main.swf files in  one site, or page, I guess having them in different folders might  help?  But, I am sure everyone agrees, duplicate file names is  ridiculous.