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    When installing Reader, all icons change to Adobe logo


      What could I be doing, on install, that would change icons on startup and task bar menus to Adobe logos. I am downloading the latest version of Reader to Windows 7, Home Prem. 64-bit. Have never had this problem .

      Thanks for anyone who can help.

      Buz Holmes

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          I am having the same problem on one computer.  I posted two days ago under the name "johnnyzip", subject "Adobe Reader 9.3.2 takes over icons".   I have had one reply saying that there have been a couple of other posts with the same problem, but no solution found.  He suggested that I unstall 9.3.2 and install v. 8.  I haven't had a chance to do it yet but will try it.


          We have two new identical computers in the house, HP TouchSmart, All in One's, running Windows 7.  One computer works fine with AR 9.3.2, but the other is changing the icons just like yours.  I'll get back in touch with you if I find an answer.


          John Roddy (johnnyzip)

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            johnnyzip Level 1

            I don't know if you received my e-mail of today, so I'll post here.  I still the icon problem on one computer.  Downloading AR 8.x.x didn't work, so I have once again downloaded AR 9.3.2 and received the update notice, which I downloaded.  AR is working.  I can open .pdf files, BUT all programs in the Start Menu and the bottom taskbar menu, and many icons on the desktop are once again changed to the AR icon.


            Somehow they have become associated with AR and I can't open any of them.  This problem has me livid at this point.  I need AR because I need to open so many PDF docs, i.e., bank statments that all require AR to open them.  I can open them now but, can't get the icon problem resolved.


            I don't know what to do.  This problem only applies to one computer.  The other computer woks well with AR (both are HP Touchsmart All In One, running Win.7).  Please reply if you find an answer.  Thanks, John

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              johnnyzip Level 1

              It's me again.  I Googled "adobe reader changes icons"  and find that many other people are having the same problem. Seems to be a registry problem with file association.  You can try looking at  www.computing.net and find Tom's Guide (it's on the first page of Google search).    One answer on that site recommends using Registry Reviver for file associations.  I've researched this and it's legit.  There is a free trial offer and a pay version after trial, but hopefully the trial may fix the problem. 


              I will try it later, and let you know if it worked for me.  I can't spend any more time on this right now.  I have another life to live besides trying to fix all of my problems with computer software.  I believe the day will come when the entire internet will collapse because there will be so many malfunctions that no one will be able to unravel the whole mess.

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                mightyBuz Level 1

                Hello:  Just wanted to your info about Registry Riviver is a good choice. I downloaded and bought it, as well. So far it seems to work very well in repairs and cleanup. The trial was for 25 only repairs and I had around 1700, according to scan.

                Anyway, thought I would share that.

                Hope you can solve yours asap.


                Buz Holmes

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                  johnnyzip Level 1


                  I'm pleased to hear that something has worked for you.  I downloaded and ran Registry Reviver also but didn't purchase it.  It supossedly "found" around 1800 errors and "fixed" them but it didn't resolve the AR icon takeover.  I am amazed and question how a new computer that has been running for only about five weeks could have that many errors.  Everything else on the computer runs fine.  No problems with transferring from my old Windows XP computer and AR was working until I downloaded the 9.3.2 update.


                  I have given up for now.  Fortunately we have two computers, so I'll use the other one for reading PDF files which require Adobe Reader to open them.  I did download another reader, Nitro, to the affected computer and it works well.  Only problem is that I haven't found how to directly open files on the internet that say Adobe Reader is requried.  I can save them to computer and then open them with Nitro though.


                  From reading the Adobe Reader Forum and all of the problems other users are having with AR, it seems to me that Adobe has major problems that they don't know how to fix.  I just cannot spend anymore time on this problem.  I have been working on it for over a week now, so I uninstalled 9.3.2 and will use Nitro on the affected computer for now.  Good luck and happy computing.



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                    mightyBuz Level 1



                    Before I finally got AR to install correctly, as you know.  I installed Nuance PDF and was impressed, both with the company and performance. It is free and the 24/7 support is also free. You can open any pdf from the web.


                    There is a option to check, if you want Nuance to be your default reader it works just like AR and I couldn't find any negatives.

                    Just thought you might want to check it out.  If AR hadn't worked I would have used it.


                    By the way, RR's trial would correct only 25 of the 1700, so I bought it.


                    Thanks for all your help!

                    Buz Holmes

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                      johnnyzip Level 1



                      Thanks for the info.  I'm happy to hear that you got AR to work for you.  It

                      appears that Adobe is aware of many of the various problems and is working

                      on patches, so I'm hoping that one of the upcoming patches will get ours

                      working.   As I said before, the problem is only on one of two new computers

                      in the house.  It works fine on the one that I'm using right now for my

                      e-mail.  So the problem could possibly be in the configuration of the other

                      computer and I haven't been able to find it.  It's very frustrating.


                      I was aware that the RR trial offer would only correct 25 errors so I was

                      taken aback when it found over 1800 and appeared to be fixing all of them.

                      I really don't know if it fixed any.  I didn't get a choice of which 25 to

                      fix,  and I question the 1800 number since the computer was only in use for

                      five weeks. I 'll look further into RR though because it sounds like a good

                      program and maybe I wasn't following instructions correctly.


                      I've been computing since I bought my first Apple in 1981 and then went to

                      Windows when Microsoft started taking over the world back in prehistoric

                      times.  I'm on my eleventh PC now, plus a laptop, and have never had to do a

                      registry fix on any of them.  However, the massive and rapid growth in

                      technology over the years has made computing more complicated and vulnerable

                      to malfunctions.


                      I will continue working to get AR fixed, but thanks for the tip on Nuance.

                      I'll go ahead and install it.  Even if I do succeed in getting AR to work it

                      sounds like Nuance would be good to have as a secondary PDF reader.  There

                      are too many runarounds that I have to do with Nitro to open screens that

                      were developed for AR , otherwise it's a good program.


                      It has been a pleasure talking with you.  Good luck.  John

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                        I installed windows 7 over vista on laptop. I searched for months and months and nothing worked until I stumbled on this. I now have adobe reader working again! Also my desktop icons stayed as they should be! YEAH!



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                          John3vs16 Level 1

                          yes, sorry. It worked for me thanks for pointing out.