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    Can I export to Windows Media 1080p with same quality as Windows Live Movie Maker?


      I am looking to replace Windows Live Movie Maker, because of the following:


      • it keeps crashing
      • it has occasional problems with audio sync when I use MTS source files
      • it has very limited editing features (especially inability to increase audio levels for a clip)


      However, I would like to still render to 1080p Windows Media files for archiving. Does anyone know if there are settings I could use in Premiere to export to 1080p and get equivalent quality to WLMM?  I have failed to find a combination of settings in Premiere that doesn't mess up the video with horizontal lines during motion.  Here is an example:


      When I use the 1080p export setting in WLMM, the video comes out looking essentially the same as the original MTS files, like in this snapshot:


      However, I have failed to find any settings in Premiere Elements that will give an equivalent result.  Below is a snapshot from the Windows Media file I exported from Premiere:


      And these are the settings I used:


      My Equipment:

      Canon Vixia HF200

      Windows 7 x64

      AMD Phenom II x4 945 3Ghz

      4GB RAM

      300GB 10K RPM HDD

      ATI Radeon 4800 Series

      Premiere Elements 8 trial