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    Drawing markers on charts on mouse move

    armalock Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am stuck at what seems to be a Flex limitation. I have a dynamic number of line chart instances arranged neatly in a VBox. These charts have the same x-axis and I want to correlate them by showing a vertical line through ALL of them when the user is moving the mouse on ONE of them. I used the canvas object as an annotation element. This canvas listens for mouse move event to get the localX and draws a vertical line. So far so good. Now how do I show this line on all of the charts?


      Somehow, the different canvas instances of different charts have to be aware of each other so when one is drawing a line, all of them draw the same line at the same horizontal offset.


      I tried to be clever and reuse the same canvas instance for all of these charts, however it seems like a canvas instance can only exist in the annotation element of a single chart at a time.


      Let me know what you think, thanks!