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    CS5 MPG with a Quadcore 9450Q CPU-performance ?

    VideoE Level 1

      I've got a quadcore computer with a 9450Q CPU, 4 gigs of 1066 Ram and a 8800GTS card. Does anyone out there have a similar setup.  I'm hoping for for realtime MPE playback of 2 HDV tracks edited in a standard def timeline (for 'pan & scan'). I know I've got to get at least a GTS 260 card) and how is the realtime performance with a quadcore and 4 gigs of ram?


      Can I get by with 4 gigs of ram or would I need 8 or 12 gigs?


      I'm trying to upgrade with the minimal investment now, hoping that in a year or so I can finish the upgrade and edit realtime with Scarlet 3K footage, hopefully still with the quadcore CPU. So if you have experience with pre i5 and i7 quadcore CPUs, please let me know how they do.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Have a look at Lorvar's results, who has CS5 on a Q8300 OC'ed with 4 GB memory here: PPBM4 Benchmark


          Guessing here:


          Those results are probably in the region where you can expect to end up, around 95 - 105 seconds if your disk setup is somewhat similar, meaning 4 or more disks. With a GTX-260 and MPE on, you can probably shave off around 15 seconds. If your disk setup is less, you will probably lose up to 10 seconds.

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            VideoE Level 1

            Harm, my real question is whether I'll be able to use the MPE (i.e. get realtime playback during editing) with 2 tracks of HDV, both scaled in an SD timeline.  I'm editing musicals and need realtime to make sure I'm preserving timing and rhythm.  Honestly, I'm not sure what the chart represents other than a benchmark of rendering times- I'm not sure what the test render is etc.  Again, I'm more interested in the MPE performance with the older 9450 CPU and 4 gigs of memory, taking it for granted I need the 260 card.