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    Need help with Weired IE8 bug


      This issue/bug has me totaly baffled, check out this page in IE8.




      when the video is playing, the "currentTimeDisplay" shifts to right, when the video is paused it shifts back to it normal position. Anyone have any idea what would be causing this.


      All this player really is,is a modification of the standard spark VideoPlayer skin.


      the relevant code.


                          <!-- container for the scrubber and time information. -->
                          <s:Group left="26" right="64" top="3" bottom="0">
                                      <s:HorizontalLayout verticalAlign="middle" gap="0" />

                                  <!-- spacer -->
                                  <s:Rect width="2" height="1" />
                                  <s:Label id="currentTimeDisplay" color.fullScreenStates="0xFFFFFF" alpha="0.5" fontSize="11"/>
                                  <!-- spacer -->
                                  <s:Rect width="4" height="1" />
                                  <s:ScrubBar id="scrubBar" width="100%" liveDragging="true"
                                      skinClass.fullScreenStates="skin.fullScreen.ScrubBarSkin" />
                                  <!-- spacer -->
                                  <s:Rect width="6" height="1" />
                                  <s:Label id="durationDisplay" color.fullScreenStates="0xFFFFFF" alpha="0.5" fontSize="11"/>
                                  <!-- spacer -->
                                  <s:Rect width="6" height="1" />