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    Uploading a Change in Text on one of my Webpages


      I am new at Dreamweaver. I have had someone design a website and need to make minor text changes every month or so. I am using Dreamweaver MX4 on a PC with Windows XP. After I make my change and verify that it looks ok on the web, I click the upload icon to get my changes from my local network to the remote one. At that point, I do not understand how to just upload the one page I am working on with the change. It goes through all of my pages and keeps asking if I want to upload certain thnigs which are newer on the remote server. Is there any way to avoid having to answer all of these questions and just uploading the one page from my local network to the remote one? I am afraid I will end up uploading some of the old errors that I have already corrected when I let Dreamweaver go through all of the pages on the website. Is there a way to limit Dreamweaver to only looking at the page I want to make changes on??? Thank you in advance for any assistance.