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    Old topic names in Index

    NL_Derek-56V59O Level 1

      Using RH under windows XP, generating CHM, no network.


      I created a project 3 years ago under RH5 and re-publish it twice a year, updating as appropriate. A year or so ago I renamed a number of topics to reflect our new naming conventions.


      Today I looked in the index pod and saw a number of `old' topic names. I re-generated the CHM and the index there refers to the new names. In the HHK file I see old topic names along with new filenames. For example I renamed "How to Adjust the Widget" into "Adjusting the Widget", changing both the Topic Title and the filename; the HHK entry looks like:


      <item name="Widget">
          <section name="How to Adjust the Widget" link="Adjusting_the_Widget.htm">



      In RH8 I see an entry to "How to Adjust the Widget", but in the CHM the entry is "Adjusting the Widget". Of course this double-naming makes editing difficult.


      Is this a bug? is it already known? and is there a workaround?


      --- Derek

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Derek.


          This is indeed an old issue that predates RH8 and possibly even RHX5. I will even stick my neck out and say this has nothing to do with RH but in the HTML Help compiler it uses to generate the CHM. Basically when you add a keyword to the index the topic name as it currently exists is added to the .HHK file. If that is subsequently changed, the .HHK is not changed with it. The only workaround is to either manually edit the .HHK file to reference the new topic name or remove the topic from the keyword in the index pane and re-add it.

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