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    How to change background color of code editor?

    miquael Level 1

      My eyes are going to bug out unless I can figure out how to change the background color for the code editor (from white to black)! 


      I found this informative article on changing overall appearance of the code editor, yet it still does not clarify exactly how to change the background color.




      All you have to do is set the editor background to black in Preferences > Appearance > Colors and Fonts. Then you can edit the syntax coloring for AS and MXML in Preferences > Flash Builder > Editors > Syntax Coloring. You’ll also want to edit the BG color of the current line of text at Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors.


      Okay, I get most of that.  Except, I'm still not getting how to change the background to black.  I went here, and did not see the right options:


      Preferences > Appearance > Colors and Fonts


      Is it then under the "View and Editors Folders"?  And if so,  which item needs to be changed?  I tried various ones, yet nothing seems to change the background.


      How to change the background color of the code editor?!!