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    Cannot apply action to button state

    dstx Level 1

      When I click on any of the 4 states in my button object, action window displays "Current selection cannot have action applied to it." All actions are greyed out with same message.
      How do I apply get URL action to a button so it functions as a button.
      It's taken me all day to figure out on my own how to create one, and set transparent background.
      Flash documentation sucks!
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          SymTsb Level 2
          If this is AS2, actions cannot be applied to button states. They are applied to the object by clicking it once an instance has been placed on the stage. You'll click on the button on the stage and use on(rollover) blah blah blah....

          If this is AS3, actions cannot be applied on an object at all...rather they must be added to the actions panel inside a frame on the timeline or an external class file. The button, movieclip (or whatever) must have a qualified instance name in the property inspector or you can give that symbol a class name under properties in the library.