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    CS4 to CS5 Upgrade has install/configuration problems ???


      (My system is running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit )


      Awile back I purchased:

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (FULL version) on the Installable DVD's.

      ...and just recently, last week, I decided to bite the bullit, and go for the 64-bit CS5 version upgrade.

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (Upgrade version) -downloadable option (its cost $299.00 US)


      Method 1./ Now, this seemed to be more of an installation/config issue for me. but after I ran the CS5 upgrade, it did NOT

      upgrade/change any of my Desktop icons/links ?

      In other words, the same old CS4 Icons were on the desktop.

      Instead, I had to goto C:\Program Files\Adobe\...CS5\..., and then create a shortcut to the CS5 executable onto my Desktop?


      Method 2./

      ok, this so-called CS5 upgrade option obviously dos NOT work right.

      So, I completely UN-installed CS4 and CS5, and started from scratch again, but this time I simply installed just

      the CS5 Upgrade binaries.

      Well that seemed to work fine, and it also seemed to ievennstall all the 64-bit CS5 modules, though it also created some extra CS4 directories in C:\(x86)Program Files\Adobe... ? why would it do that ?


      ok, well has anyone else also experienced any of this upgrade weirdness. ?


      Note: I verified my Windows 7 64-bit was up-to-date, and I also "updated" CS5, actually it updates itself.

      I have also had a couple "BLUE-screenies", and crashes" in CS5, none of which, in Windows I can really tell what is going on ?, and I never had these issues on CS4 on this same PC.?


      I called the 1-800 number for Adobe Technical Support and basically they said the CS5 upgrade that I purchased should have worked fine. uhmmm ya'd think eh?


      So, I thought this forum might be more "aware", and/or helpful regarding my Upgrading woes.

      any thoughts, would be appreciated.