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    Problem with modules and duplicate classes



      I have a project that consists of main project and a few module projects. I am using Flash builder 4 Data Management features. My module projects are divided into functional ares. When I generate my services form my module projects, unfortunately I get some duplicate DTO objects are interconnected because my entities on the server side(I use java,spring and jpa/hibernate for the server side) are interconnected. When I run my modules separately everything is fine but When they are started together inside main project I am getting this exception:


      ArgumentError: Items must support IManaged. See [Managed] for more information: object: hr.in2.invest2ria.valueObjects::PmgGrupaPortfelja {

        aktivna = true

        id = 6

        naziv = "Invest"

        opis = "Invest"

        pmgGrupaPortfeljaFonds = null

        sifra = "INVEST"

        vrstaGrupe = "PORTFOLIO_ANALYZER"


      at mx.data::ConcreteDataService/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::normalize()

      at mx.data::DataList/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::processSequence()

      at mx.data::DataList/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::processSequenceResult()

      at mx.data::DataListRequestResponder/result()

      at mx.data::RPCDataServiceAdapter/sendResultEvent()

      at mx.data::RPCDataServiceAdapter/executeQueryResult()

      at mx.collections::ItemResponder/result()

      at mx.rpc::AsyncToken/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::applyResult()

      at mx.rpc.events::ResultEvent/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::callTokenResponders()

      at mx.rpc::AbstractOperation/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::dispatchRpcEvent()

      at mx.rpc::AbstractInvoker/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::resultHandler()

      at mx.rpc::Responder/result()

      at mx.rpc::AsyncRequest/acknowledge()

      at NetConnectionMessageResponder/resultHandler()

      at mx.messaging::MessageResponder/result()

      What should I do?