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    Email link in Flash CS5 and how to bold typeface...


      Hi, total flash newbie here with a few questions:



      1.) I'm trying to put an email hyperlink in part of my text, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I tried the code snippets, click to go to web page but instead of an URL I typed "mailto:email@adobe.com" but when I tested it, nothing happened.


      2.) How do I link to the other pages from within the website that I'm working on? Again, I'm a total newbie and I'm only familar with Dreamweaver.


      3.) Lastly, how do I bold the typeface??? The text tool properties do not show any bold, italic, or underline icons, and the hotkey to bold is the break apart command.



      4.) When I test my movie, how come I can't scroll down and see the footer area of the SWF??




      If there's someone on these forums that could help me with these problems, it would be greatly appreciated.