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    Install New Software Wizard broken??


      Hello. I'm trying to install subeclipse and the Install New Software wizard won't let me get past the Review Licenses pane. When I check I Agree, the Next and Finish buttons are still disabled. I've tried both the remote update site and trying to install from a local archive. I've searched the net and found an obscure reference to a bug in eclipse that was supposed to be fixed. I NEED to get this running ASAP...please help..


      I'm running:

      Version: 1.0.0

      Build: 274293

      on Windows XP PRO SP 3

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          Evelin Varghese


          We have seen this happening in few scenarios in eclipse as well as CFB.


          If you have some conflicting plugins already installed, the finish button may not get enabled.

          Make sure you have already added galileo update so that the required plugins could be fetched.


          One work around that could resolve the issue is

          1.start intall wizard again

          2.choose the subclipse update site

          3.Expand all the plus icons for the listed plugins and select all of them  and proceed the install wizard.


          Another case where this issue could happen is if you already have subclipse plugins present in the plugins directory of CFBuilder.

          In this case if you are not able to see the SVN Perspective, choose window->Reset Perspective (This operation will set the views to default).

          Starting CF Builder with - clean option will also help in loading the plugins if its already present.


          If the CF Builder Install directory does not have enough permissions, the plugin install could fail.



          Evelin Varghese

          Adobe ColdFusion Builder Team