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    Eliminating Steps in a coloring process


      We are a sign company that has to colorize over 2000 signs pulled from Gerber Omega into Adobe Illustrator.  The process takes 3-4 minutes per sign, so I have been charged with trying to find a way to automate the process.  I have a detailed description of how our layout expert manually does this, but the catch is that the imported file makes individual objects for all the letters, images and headers on one layer.


      Here is the time consuming part of the process (directly from our layout expert):


      The problem here is that I don’t have a quick way to select all the centers of the letters except to click on each one individually. Same thing for the outside of
      the letters. And to use the process I just specif ed I have to keep each colors separate. (ie. on the above image I have to do the ‘Danger’ this way then do
      the text below after because the ‘Danger’ is white and the bottom text is black so they can’t be a part of the same path.


      Is there a script or a quick way to do this?  We're willing to spend money if it saves the labor and is reasonable.