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    Save As Copy to WebDAV folder does not work




      In Windows XP with latest reader (9.3.3), I cannot perform "Save As Copy" to a WebDAV folder. Contents of the folder is blank in the Save As dialog, and clicking the save button shows the following error:


      "You Cannot Save in the Folder You Specified. Please Choose Another Location."


      I was convinced that it was because Reader used the old dialog that doesn't support WebDAV as described here:




      However, I then discovered that when doing the same from Windows 7 and Windows Vista, I do not experience this problem. I have since made a clean install Windows XP to a virtual PC for testing, and I get the same problem.


      I found from one source that the web server should have Reader installed to register the MIME type for IIS. I installed it but to no avail.


      Any help is appreciated.