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    Not Printing on Shared Printer

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      I am trying to print a PDF form on to a shared network printer.

      I  have converted this form using generatePrintedOutput to PCL format   before sending it to sendToPrinter. The process executes successfully  without any errors but nothing is getiing printed on the printer what  could be the reason for this?


      I also used Verification  Sample (Output-IVS) application to verify whether the printing functions  correctly or not. I get following lines in log


      Print  spec:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <optionString>paDebug=1&amp;isUserXCIURI=true&amp;&amp;TransactionTimeOut=180</optionStri ng>
      <dataFile recordIdField="@__Id"/>
      2010-07-02 15:42:48,503 INFO  [STDOUT]  *******************************************************
      2010-07-02 15:42:48,503 ERROR [STDERR]  com.adobe.printSubmitter.PrintException: Printer \\NTBOM-2000\LP-SPT1  not found.


      This printer is configured on the m/c where Livecycle server is running.