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    MXML binding creating activation-object which seems to be memory leak

    Green Goby Level 1

      We are profiling our application trying to cut down some memory leaks and I have some loitering objects that are puzzling me.  I have searched on the internet and have seen others with similar issues, but thought I'd post here to see if I am on the right track and if anything can be done about it.  In our _bindingsSetup method that is generated from the MXML:


          private function _ManageFavoritesDialogBulb_bindingsSetup():Array




              var result:Array = [];


              var binding:Binding;




              binding = new mx.binding.Binding(this,






                      return (ManageFavoritesDialogView);










                      _ManageFavoritesDialogBulb_View1.className = _sourceFunctionReturnValue;






              result[0] = binding;


              // ... more bindings




      While profiling the app, we have a more than a handful of GC roots that say result and binding are activation objects that are causing a whole bunch of stuff to be held onto.  Is this accurate?  If so, is there anything we can do about it other than not using MXML?