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    Render bug in standalone Flash player?


      Just curious if anyone else has experienced this bug with the standalone Flash Player:


      In the Flash IDE, create a symbol in your library of type Button. In the Up, Over, and Down frames place a large black circle. In the Up frame, place an additional circle to the left or right.


      Test your movie. When you hover over the button, the second circle should disappear. When you click and hold the button, **the second circle should momentarily reappear or flash.**


      This bug *only* appears to be in the standalone player. When played in a browser it looks fine.


      My system is OS X using Flash CS4 and the latest debug player.

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          skarthiks Level 2

          Its possible that this might be the case only when the click and hold happens at the border of the circle (where flash is trying to figure out if the mouse is inside the hit area or not ).

          Have you noticed this if you click in the middle of the circle , cos i could not get this to happen.

          Any other tips to reproduce this?