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    can not set source file for Fireworks png in Dreamweaver


      I recently purchased Adobe Design Premium CS5 to replace my CS3, but I have a big

      problem.  When I export a png in Fireworks to Dreamweaver it does not set the source

      file correctly.  It places the Fireworks object on the page, but when I select the table

      that holds the Fireworks object, the path for the source on the Properties panel is

      wrong - it says menu2.png.  The correct document relative path is dress_images/menu2/menu2.png.

      When I drag the Point to File icon over the menu2.png on the Files panel, it correctly displays

      the full path, but when I let go of it, it sets the path back to menu2.png.  I can not even type it

      in the source box and get it to stay.


      Here is the problem.  When I click on the Edit button, it says it can't find the png.  It is using

      the full path from the C: drive instead of the document relative path.  If I browse to the png file

      and open it in Dreamweaver then click the Done button, it saves the png file but does not change

      any of the content on the HTML page.


      Fireworks and Dreamweaver CS3 worked perfectly here.  Help!


      I just tried to do this on another computer.  This time when I pasted the Fireworks HTML onto the

      page in Dreamweaver it set the path correctly (it was a root relative path instead of a document

      relative path).  I tried to edit in Fireworks using the Edit button, and it opened Fireworks without

      any problem.  I made some changes then clicked the Done button.  Now the Done button is suppose

      to be like magic.  It is suppose to save the changes to the png file, make the changes on the HTML

      page in Dreamweaver, and change any of the supporting files (images) that have been edited.  It

      always worked this way in CS3, and anything less than this would be a huge step backwards.  In this

      case, it saved the changes to the png, but did not make any other changes.  The web page in

      Dreamweaver is still the same.  How do I get the Done button to work its magic using CS5.


      Another problem - when I paste the code onto the page, the page looks totally messed up.  If I save it

      and reopen it then it looks fine.  However, this never occurred with CS3.  Aren't updates to software

      suppose to be improvements?





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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          First, did you define your site in Dreamweaver before exporting the files from Fireworks? Round tripping will not work properly otherwise. Second, you need to import the Fireworks HTML to your Dreamweaver page [Insert > Image Objects > Fireworks HTML]. Cut and paste stymies the round tripping mechanism.

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            vuggy14 Level 1
            Yes, the web site is correctly defined in Dreamweaver.  I teach web design for both high school and
            adult school, and I have done this procedure 100's of times with CS3.  There is something different with
            CS5.  I took your suggestion and imported the Fireworks HTML using Insert -> Image -> Fireworks HTML,
            but it still does not work.  I can edit it in Fireworks, hit the Done button, and the png file is saved but
            the HTML page remains the same.
            Also, the export does not get the path right, and it will not let me set the path right.  The only way the path
            is right is if the page that I am pasting the Fireworks HTML is in the same folder as the png.  It always
            sets the png's path as menu.png.  Therefore, if the page is in a different folder, the document relative path
            won't find it.  This was never a problem with CS3.  In fact, you could paste the code using Control-V and it
            would work 100% of the time.  That is how we always did it.  When exporting from Fireworks, I would set
            Export to "copy to clipboard" then move to Dreamweaver, click where I wanted the code pasted and do Control-V and presto it would
            always work.  You could come back a month later, select the table, click the Edit button, make changes
            in Fireworks, click the Done button and the changes would be reflected on the HTML page in Dreamweaver without
            doing anything more.  I have tried it with "copy to clipboard" and I have tried it with "export HTML file".  Neither
            works.  There is definitely something different between CS3 and CS5, and right now I am missing CS3.
            Thanks for your help.  I will keep fighting this until I get it, but any additional input would be appreciated.