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    Is there a way to search/show just unused clips?

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      I used this feature on every wedding in Edius.. I'm at that same point in my editing in CS5 and have looked everywhere for an option but can't find one.


      Here's how it works in Edius: You can search the entire bin for just "Unused" clips and it'll create a search folder that is dynamically updated that shows all the clips you haven't used in any sequence in the project. You can then search that search folder for just video clips and then you'll have a folder with just unused video clips. I use this on every project to give the client a "cutting room floor" extra feature. I just drag all the unused clips to the timeline and bam... done. It's extremely handy and a must for any media management imho.


      Is there any way to do this without having to sort theough hundreds of clips looking for the little film strip or lack therof?