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    Incremental Color values with the CS5 color palette


      Not sure if this is a bug with the color palette in Illustrator CS 5 but here I go, ill try to explain the best I can.


      I'm trying to make color targets for a customer, for him to choose the closest to his desired color.


      First I make a 1" by 1" square then copy it ten time across and ten times down.

      In all the previous version of Illustrator, to my knowledge,

      I could select one column at a time and color, lets say form 100% Cyan to 90% by increments of 1%

      and then select the rows and do the same thing with the Magenta without changing the Cyan values.

      Wen I try this in CS 5 the values become equal in all the squares I made.

      I can still go in CS 4 for this but down the road its sure will be annoying if it doesn't work.
      Thanks for listening !