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    How to programmatically create this vector shape?


      I have a cardboard cut-out of something I want to create.


      See picture?


      I've  taken a picture and made a vector outline that I'm satisfied with.


      Initial vector shape!


      Now  to get those holes, there's a variety of ways to do it... but I want  accuracy, so does anyone have a suggestion how to pull it off?


      Methods  to achieve the evenly spaced holes inside the piece?
      1 - SLOPPY -  Draw each segment by hand, using photo as a background reference.
      2 -  SLOPPY - Draw a rounded corner rectangle then duplicate/scale/edit it  for each segment.
      3 - SLOPPY - Bring prepared photo in and use  Illustrator's LiveTrace feature to convert the shapes into vector. I  tried, with variations. Have to tweak each individual segment after.
      4  - PREFERRED - Somehow tell the computer to generate X number of objects  along Y path, making them smaller and smaller.


      Method 4 can almost be  done in a number of ways...
      4a-Make a rounded corner rectangle,  duplicate it off in a straight row, group them together, then use  something like Warp.
      4b-Make a rounded corner rectangle, duplicate it  off in a straight row, group the together, then use 3d extrude &  rotate and extract the results.
      4c-Make a rounded corner rectangle,  use Transform and replicate it X times and adjust horizontal/vertical  positioning and scale.


      I like 4c but still not close. How can I  restrict it to be along a pre-determined path (an arc)? Like  text-on-path tool, but with shapes, and scaling down progressively like a  warp.


      Anyone have any advice?


      I need/want precision  because this is a part that will be cut out of a CNC machine for  something that'll be at a tradeshow.