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    Simple question about Illustrator stroke borders - Help please!




      I'm new to Illustrator, and I can't seem to figure something out.


      I draw a simple rectangle with a fill color of, say red, and a stroke color of let's say blue. Then, I use the drop down menu on the horizontal tool options bar to change the stroke from a simple outline to something that looks more like a decorative border. In CS4, I'm using the last option on the drop down menu, which has corners on the stroke/border that curve inward. When I chose this option, the fill remains as a rectangle with sharp corners that "stick out" where the stroke/border curves inward.


      I'd like to know how to keep the stroke/border while getting rid of the rectangle's corners that poke out. I've tried erasing from the rectangle, but that negatively affects the stroke/border shape.


      Thank you very much for your help.