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    Kuler for Print?

      I am curious as a Graphic Designer, if I download these "ase" files how well do they translate to InDesign for brochure printing?

      I understand that what I see on screen is RGB and hard to match in CMYK, but are these Kuler color scemes mainly used for web?
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          I too am a print designer and enjoy the colour combos but was stymied that this was strictly a WEB based program.

          With many things Adobe is developing they have forgotten where all this design software started.
          It was designed for print design/production.

          Will there be a CMYK converted built in?
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee

            ASE files will preserve the values of the color space you created the theme in: so if you created it in CMYK, the same values will be in InDesign or Illustrator or Photoshop. However, since Flash isn't color managed, they may appear different than on the screen.

            For more information, see this recent thread on color management.