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    take psd to fireworks and image repeat

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      I have a psd I created in photoshop cs4 and brought in to FWCS4 so that I can get css easily.  Typical website layout, header, nav area, slideshow, main content area, footer.


      In the main content area, to the left there is text, and to the right there is a calendar with a top and bottom header on it. The main content area and the calendar area share the same gradient background. So,...Im having problems slicing this area so that the background repeats as you ad more text on the left (I need the page to expand with the nice gradient as the text expands).



      I sliced the left half of the main content area to background repeat y, and then I sliced the right side of the main content-- the header of the calendar to background no repeat, and then the actual calendar area to background repeat y,and then the bottom of the calendar to no repeat.  But for some reason, I cant slice it so that it works. How can I keep all of this together when slicing? see layout below.


      Header 1
      navigation expands width of page
      slideshow expands width of page
      main content area with gradientcalendar area with same gradient
      footer no gradient
      another footer no gradient