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    Positive Post - System that works.

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi all.


      I always read about all the issues that  folks are having and today I decided I need to share my positive  expierence.


      I had a couple of initial issues but most  were Win 7 / Driver related. After I got that squared away I am editing  and rendering like a banshee. I can render and surf the web at the same  time, check e-mail etc, no issues. Obviously the surfing and mail take  cycles away from the render but my machine has yet to crash.Today alone I rendered a 32 minute HD clip 4 times, kept tweaking it without a reboot, without a crash, without anything. The projects is fairly complex with transitions, effect (mostly stabilize, talk about a CPU eater) and many clips, stills, sound bytes and photoshop titles.


      Here  is my system.


      I have Win 7 64 Bit Home Premium, keep  it updated frequently.


      I installed the PRE update when  it became available, so I am on 8.01.


      CPU - AMD  Phenom II  955 BE Quad Core - Talk about an banshee.(Stock cooler, runs  53C under 98% load while rendering, well within spec)


      Video Card - MSI R4550 HD ATi Radeon  with the ATI 10.6 driver.

      Rosewell USB2.0 All in 1 Card Reader

      DVD  - Liteon SATA 24X Internal Writer -iHAS424-98Y

      Memory - 4GB  Patriot DRAM - 1333 (Running at 1066)

      HDD - Western Digital BE  SATA 1 TB WD10000LSRTL - One BIG partition, use it for scratch / OS and  other. Just a C: drive.(probably not always recommended but this disk is  very very fast. I do plan down the road to move the OS to a SSD disk  and keep this one for rendering).


      I back everything up  to a Fantom 1TB Green Drive over a e-sata connection.


      That's  about it and it is rock solid. I did have issues if I was rendering HD  Video for 60+ minutes(had the occational freeze with beeping, typical of  RAM)  but I then dropped the DRAM down to 1066 and have not seen  another crash.


      Most of my video comes from a Canon HF20  HD Camcorder with some from a old school Panasonic DV and a few other  sources I have laying around.


      My only advice for  anyone would be, make sure you system is stable before attempting PRE.  My experience is PRE WILL find any potential hardware issues you have  and point them out very well.


      Keep on editing.....