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    Moving Image from one Review to Another?


      I attempted to upload an image (open in Photoshop) to a specific review. However, I could not see the desired review in the Photoshop CS Review panel. Out of frustration - after attempting to "find" the desired review for several minutes - I uploaded the image to another review and then went online, using Safari, to Acrobat.com.

      There is no visible means of moving an image from one review to another. There is a way of dragging one review (with all sub-images) to another location. But I can't see a way of moving a sub-image from one review to another review.


      IF there is some "magic" that someone knows I would sure appreciate some education.

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          Kathleen Bjoran Level 1

          If you upload the image to "My Workspace" then, online, open the image, you'll see in the lower-left-hand corner "Share File." Click there and choose where you want the file to show up (Move file to shared workspace.). Hope this helps.

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            OkayNext! Level 1

            This works quite well for a single image review. I've moved them from one workspace to another. The issue is when a review has multiple images and you want to take only one of them from that review and move it to another review in another workspace; I can't seem to get that to work at all.

            When I open a review and navigate to the desired image, then click in the lower left corner and select a new workspace to move the image to, it moves the entire review - not the single image - to the new workspace.


            I guess I could delete the "part" from the workspace it currently exists in and then create it as a stand alone review, but then I won't be able to imbed it into another review as I want to do.


            The source frustration here is that I can't get CS Review in CSPS5 to navigate to the desired workspace/review. I get "ALL REVIEWS" displayed but not the workspaces... Any ideas on how to display workspaces instead of reviews?