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    Open a Recent Item

      My "Open a Recent Item" list contains files that I no longer have available. How can I purge or syncronize this list?
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          open, modify and save a bunch of current files...

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            Dreamweaver CS4  Clear the "Open a Recent Item"  window


            *****  But you must be in the user profile that you created the website with or you will not see the Recent list folder in the registry !!!!!

            ***** you will have registry rights to Delete files that user created.

            ****  If you do not have authority, you must find the user profile as an Administrator.


            Click Start

            then RUN

            type REGEDIT  in the run box


            then in the registry got to,





                 Dreamweaver CS4

            There will be a "Recent File List" you can delete all the files inside of it.