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    Comment box

    tommysauce Level 1
      Hi Folks,

      I've searched around the forum and havent found the definitive answer to this question. I want to add a 'comments section' to a web page - much like the ones you see on general blogging sites or like this:
      I would prefer it if people had to sign up as this would prevent (for want of a better word) 'idiots' posting antagonistic comments (I'm not a dictator I promise you!). How easy/complex is it to set up a system, is there ready made scripts out there and lastly is it quite straight forward to do, I warn you now I am a designer rather than a coder but I do enjoy getting my hands dirty and knowing how things work 'under the hood'. In addition, the server I am using is PHP enabled. If you require further info - just let me know.

      Many thanks in advance.