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    CS Login issue


      Ok so today i noticed that my CS ring was not lit, like when im logged in it is green, so i clicke don it and it says: "there is a problem connecting to the adobe servers. please check your firewall settings"


      i checked the firewall settings on my macbook, the firewall was enabled so i disabled the firewall. i restarted my computer and attempted to "log in" to CS, i still got the same message from both Illustrator and Photoshop. I also have the CS4 installed, i checked on Illustrator, Photoshop and even inDesign. i went to Window>Extensions>Connections i logged in and made sure i did not have the "log me out..." on the offline options. i get logged in on CS4 but not CS5's CS.....



      why am i having this problem? i honestly do not even know how long i have been unable to log in, but i barley even noticed this.

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          Richard Crook Level 1

          OKAY...GOT IT WORKING!  Here's the fix the Adobe folks provided me that worked.


          Do you have any firewall, network filter, or other security software installed on your system?

          If so, please do the following (for each program, if you have more than one):

          1.                   Open the security software.

          2.                   Either (A) temporarily disable the program or (B) ensure that the rules/settings in the software will allow the CS5.5 software to access “*.adobe.com” (if you are familiar with configuring the rules/settings).

          3.                   Quit and then restart your CS5.5 software. Test if Kuler is working. (Note that you may be prompted to activate the software at this point. If you are, please complete the activation.)


          If security software is not the cause of the issue, then next you should check the “hosts” file on your computer. This file is used to help route network traffic from your computer; however, it may contain one or more erroneous entries that are causing this issue.

          To do so:

          1.                   Ensure you are logged into an administrator account.

          2.                   Click Start > All Programs > Accessories.

          3.                   Right-click on Notepad and choose Run As Administrator. If prompted to “allow” or “continue” or enter a password, choose the appropriate option to start Notepad with administrative rights.

          4.                   In Notepad, choose File > Open, and navigate to the following location:




          5.                   Open the file called hosts.

          6.                   Look for any entries in this hosts file that mention Adobe.


          If you find any, delete that entire line from the file.


          (You will almost always only see entries for “localhost” in the hosts file, but rarely should anything else be added to this file.)


          7.                   When you have removed all mention of Adobe from this file, save and close the file.

          8.                   Quit Notepad.

          9.                   Restart your computer.



          After restarting the computer, open your CS5.5 applications and try to use Kuler.


          Note that, because activation has been blocked up to this point, you may need to select Help > Deactivate, restart the application, and then activate the software when prompted.  You may instead be prompted to activate the software when you next open it, in which case simply follow the on-screen instructions to activate.


          Richard Allen Crook


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