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    Form Data Integration  and Forms



      I was trying to import xml data ( in XDP format ) to a PDF form designed with Adobe LiveCycle ES2 designer using Adobe Form Data Integration services which is available as part of Adobe LiveCycle foundation classes, but for my amazement I was receiving the following error in the server log:


      com/adobe/formServer/utils/LogUtils: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/adobe/formServer/utils/LogUtils
      at com.adobe.formServer.utils.CommonGibsonUtils.PDFDocumentFromDocument(CommonGibsonUtils.ja va:122)
      at com.adobe.livecycle.formdataintegration.server.FormData.importData(FormData.java:64)

      etc … etc...

      And import was failing!


      After endless number of trails, I have installed Adobe LiveCycle Forms, in addition to the already installed Process Management and Reader Extensions services, and only then data has been imported correctly and no error was showing in the log anymore!


      But this doesn't make sense, why do I need to have Adobe LiveCycle Forms if I am just importing data using Data Integration services? Can someone explain?


      Thank you in advance for your response.