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    why is my Illustrator a tryout version?!

    jajouka_au Level 1

      Hi there


      I have had some issues with installing CS5 Design Premium (Win) but as one particular problem related to Illustrator, I thought I should post this query here.


      For some reason when I open this application, it is opening as a "tryout" version.  I don't appear to have this on any of the other applications.


      When attempting to click on the executable file and "run as administrator", I get this error message:


      Error: The localized resource files for this application could not be loaded.  Please reinstall or repair the application and try again.


      The "tryout" version has appeared after one reinstall (which went ahead with no immediate problems) so I am wondering if I have inadvertently damaged or lost files due to the reinstall.


      I am using a Dell Precision 6500 / Windows 7 Ultra 64-bit.


      I have noted that there is an error icon (yellow exclamation mark) on the Key Usage (Digital Signature (80)) but do not know what this actually means.


      Is anyone able to enlighten me?!!


      thank you!