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    Title clips seemed to be linked "textwise"...

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      I'm using PE 7.


      Issue #1:  When I'm doing my faux sub-titles with text titles, I can save my own text style but it doesn't seem to save the FONT SIZE with it.   Anything about that?


      Issue#2:  Well, I've run up a more important issue.  Say for example, I place a still image to run for 30 seconds.  I then create a text title of a few words, based on my own style settings, and then I copy the text clip, and move the red timeline slightly to the right and paste the copied clip. 


      When I change the text in the second clip, the first clip is linked and changes its text to match.  How do I UNLINK the clips?  They are not linked as a group.  I tried renaming the second clip but nothing works.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Interestingly, I address both of these issues in my books, if you're interested, Petey!


          Yes, you are correct. Saving your title as a style saves the font and styles but not the font size. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about this.


          When you use copy and paste, you create a clone, not a copy of your title. So, when you change one, you change both.


          To make a true copy, go to the Project media panel, right-click on your title and select Duplicate instead. This makes a new, identical and independent title.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, with a Title, one is placing Instances of it into the Timeline and each Instance is Linked back to the Title, that appears in the Project Panel. Any/all changes will globally affect every Instance of that Asset, the Title.


            Another way to do what you wish is to Export your created Title, which will be done as a PRTL file. [Note: this is one of the very few functions still under the File>Export menu in PrE 8.] Then, one will have that "template" on their system. One can Import these into the Project Panel, and each will be a unique version of the template, which can contain all the formatting. One would then go down the list, making the text corrections in each, and then dragging that to the Timeline. These will be linked to the single Instance of each, on the Timeline.


            The Duplicate function, that Steve mentions is rather like a little feature, in the Titler in PrPro and accessed via an icon in the top portion of the Titler GUI, "Based on Current Title." That creates a new Title Asset, that is a Duplicate of any Title open in Titler, will allow the user to name it as desired, and then will place that Title into Project Panel. The process is just a bit more convoluted in PrE, but is still available with Duplicate.


            Once one created, say 13 unique Title Assets in Project Panel, they can edit the text in each, and then use them in the Timeline, as is needed.


            The above would be my workflow for doing faux Subtiltes - Export my first one, my "template" as a PRTL, with all formatting and Styles, with "dummy text," Import that into Project Panel and Duplicate it X times, as required. Then modify the text in each, as required, and drag one Instance of each to the Timeline. I would also assign a unique name to each of the Titles in Project Panel, say Sub_01 through Sub_13, so that I would know what was linked to what.


            The nice thing about doing the Export>Title is that one can reuse that "template" in any other Projects. Over time, I've created about 30 such Title "templates," that I reuse and modify, as is required.


            Good luck,



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              P_Forrest Level 1

              @Steve:  Thanks a lot!  I can't wait for the books to arrive!


              @Hunt:  Thanks for your export "titles" method.  I will have to use that for sure!!!  Once I get my perfect subtitle styles, I do not want to keep recreating them from scratch so a template is the way to go!!  8-)





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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I feel the same as you. That is why, when I have created a Title, that I can anticipate reusing in other Projects, I'll do the same. I have maybe 10 "Main Titles," 5 "Text Titles," and any number of "Lower-Thirds." Some of these might have started as a Library Asset, but some started as a "blank slate" and were created in Titler.


                Now, I also do a lot of my Titles in Photoshop. The good thing about doing so, is that I have many more Effects that I can add there, but the bad thing is that I cannot alter the Text in PrE/PrPro Titler, and must do so in PS, and only from PSD's, where the Text is still in editable Vector form. Since I do not Save_As JPEG, or other Flattened formats, I always have my PSD's handy. [Also, in PrPro, I can Import my Layered PSD's as a Sequence, so that each Layer is a Clip on a Timeline, and can be independently animated.]


                Good luck,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Glad we could help, Petey. And thanks for supporting the books!

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                    P_Forrest Level 1

                    I've just found out a quick workaround by messing about.


                    1) I create my first title text on the timeline (press F9) and choose the appropriate text style.    (i.e.  my ukulele )


                    2) I then make sure to select the frame object containing the text, and copy it


                    3) I then move the CTI a little later out of range of the other text title and I then press F9 to create a new text title


                    4) I then paste the last text object into the new one


                    That leaves me two and I delete the blank one and keep the formatted one that matches my first one. 


                    This seems kind of handy on the fly!





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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Hey! That could work too!

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                        In Premiere Elements 14, to create a Duplicate (not clone) you find the title (or any item) in the Project Assets panel (not on the timeline), right click it, and choose Duplicate. Then edits to the Duplicate will not also happen to the original.

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          Thanks for the tip, Editrrr. However you are responding to an eight year old thread. Most of the people who posted have not been heard from on this forum in several years.