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    How can I change pre. Ele. 3.0 registration with new CD


      I lost my original premiere elements CD. I purchased a new CD thru ebay. When I try to install the software it says the registration is invalid and reinstall Pre. Ele. 3.0. How do I change the registration(product key no.) in my computer so that I can install Pre. Ele. 3.0 again to access my old photos and vedios. If there is way to go into regedit and change the key I will do that. But I do not know whre the product key for Pre. Ele. 3.0 was kept in the system. If somebody knows the way to solve the problem please help me, So that I do not have to buy the software thirdtime from Adobe or Panasonic. The software bundle came with my Panasonic vedio camere which I bought in Feb. 2009. I went to the seller and asked for resolution and he said I have to buy the software again.

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          This is something that you will need to contact Adobe Customer Support (Contact at top of the main forum page) to do. If you registered your copy of PrE, you should also be able to get the S/N through your Adobe I.D., though it sounds like you have your S/N, but it's just not working. Is that correct? Though it's too late now, you might want to see this THREAD from the Adobe Photoshop Forum on purchasing Adobe products from eBay.


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