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    Deploying files with CPS


      We're working on creating a staging server, and because we will need to be able to easily move files from staging to production, are looking at that feature in CPS. (we don't yet use CPS.) I would love to hear people's experience with that part of CPS.

      Also, my main question is that if we are using the CPS file deployment to handle moving content contributors changes to production, what could our developers use to push their changes (code changes) from staging to production. They would be using DW, or other tools. I realize they could use FTP, although in our environment, for security reasons, we have to use SSH. The SSH app we have doesn't have the option to exclude file types, so that makes it an inefficient way to move large numbers of files, since moving .mno, .lck files etc, from one server to another would bungle up Contribute's and Dreamweaver's versioning (is that correct?).

      What are other developers using when they make large scale changes and need to push those changes from one environment to another, without dragging along the Contribute .LCK files and such?

      If CPS has something built in to move batches of files (instead of say, one page, and its dependents), then our developers might be able to use that and not have to worry about finding yet another tool.

      Hope the question makes sense-- your input is msot appreciated!