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    Last audio 'frame' is unused by default


      I'm having a bit of trouble with the audio in my projects.


      When  I drag any wave file onto the timeline, the very last little bit of  audio is trimmed off. Upon further inspection, it seems that the out  point, by default, is not set to the end of the wave, but to the last  video frame before it. Any audio in the last frame of the wave isn't  used. And while missing out on one 30th of a second worth of audio  doesn't seem like much, it creates a nasty popping sound at the cutoff  point.


      I can work around this issue by opening the wave file  in the trimmer window, switching to "Show Audio Time Units", and then  setting the CTI to the end of the file and changing the out point.  However, as long as "Show Audio Time Units" isn't checked, I am unable  to set the out point to the very end of the wave. Another fix would be  to make sure the last frame is actually unused, adding a bit of silence  at the end of the file if necesarry. But although I can work around it,  it makes adding a few extra sounds a pretty tedious process. It also  strikes me as a bit odd that every sound file I put on the timeline is  exactly 1 frame shorter than the complete file; it just doesn't seem  like intended behavior to me.


      Note that I am aware that the starting point of my  files is set to frame 0, and this isn't a simple matter of failing to  count the first frame. Just as an example, if I have a wave file that's  exactly 6 seconds long, instead of finishing playing after 5 seconds and  29 frames, it will stop at 5 seconds and 28 frames.


      Does  anyone know a solution for this? I've searched the web for quite a  while but haven't been able to find anyone with the same problem.