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    action on load???


      I know how to transition from one page to another but can't figure out how to create an action on load of that page.  I would like the "click anywhere" button/text to fade in and out or move back and forth.  I can create a second state in which it will move but I need to mouse over, up, down or click in order for the action to take place.  Is there an action on load button?  Thanks for your help in advance.  Here's the link.  http://www.nakean.com/Nakeans_Photography/Latest_Shoot.html

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          You'd probably want an on application start interaction if you want it to start when your application loads. If you want to get an action to occur when you transition to a given page, add that action to the page transition (eg: Page 1 > Page 2 transition, add a Move Transition).