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    Integrating swf file into air native application.



      I'm using c++, delphi, and other programming languages for several years. And I've decided to pass to flex and air because of simplicity and great ability on effects. But there is no true obfuscation solution for air and swf (Please don't suggest any program, none of them can't hide the code). So, I'm trying to hide swf file from decompilers.I want to integrate swf file into an native exe file(for windows), then I want to compress and shrink the exe file for hiding the swf file.

      As you know, when the flex application installed as air desktop application, there are two main file for the flex application. One of them is swf file and the other one is native application file that wraps and displays the swf file, as far as I know. For windows, this native application is an exe file. Is there any way to integrate swf file into this native exe file? Or is there any way to write a native application to display the flex swf file. Or where can I have the source code of this exe file? What does this native air application do exactly?

      I can integrate flash animations with flash player activex object into a native application built via c++, delphi, etc... But I can't use flex swf file as this purpose.