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    Error 1310


      I am having trouble installing the last Adobe Update. I keep gett

      ing error code 1310. Any suggestions? [I am running Windows 7.]

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          pwillener Level 8

          It would help if you would specify the full error message.


          In the absence of this, I can only suggest to completely uninstall Adobe Reader, then reinstall it + all updates.

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            Garlic Joe

            I also have been having the same problem as I would recieve the error code 1310 and the rest of the statement that I can't get back to tell you and it would ask me if I had access. When I finished it just wouldn't work at all, nothing. However when I deleted the program and used another browser (Safari), I was useing IE9 w/Windows 7, the adobe icon replaced almost every other icon on my desktop and when I tried to use IE, for example, it says that the program was not accessible due to some error such as it had been emailed without being properly decoded or some such thing. When I remove Adobe reader everything returns to normal. I now use Sumatra. I would like to use Adobe. I think this started when I removed a problematic Zinio 4 reader that was being used for my online magazines from NRA and others.