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    Unable view pdf AR for Android... OK on PC


      Using Adobe Reader 9.3.2 on Win7 PC a PDF views fine...

      On Droid Incredible Android phone,  Same file stored on SD card opens but shows only white pages,

      no text.    Other PDFs open on Android.


      The problem file is a large 399 page book 1.21 MB in size.


      It is a somewhat protected file that only allows "printing" and "content copy for accessability"

      all other fields are  "Not Allowed" on "Document Restrictions Summary"


      Is there something that needs to be "Allowed" so that this can be viewed on an Android Phone

      with the Android Adobe Reader and yet still protect the PDF?


      The application for problem PDF is  PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2  /  Acrobat Distiller 9.3.2 (windows)  PDF v 1.6 Acrobat 7.x)


      The Android Adobe Reader is Version 9.0.1  Build 32116




      -Bob O