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    How to refresh dataservices when underlying table changes


      I'm writing a Flex application using FlashBuilder that accesses several MySQL tables. I've generated data services to access the tables and have used a datagrid to display the data successfully.


      I then realized I was missing a couple of columns in one of my tables. I used phpAdmin to add the columns to the table. When I try to add the new columns to the datagrid, they don't show up in the Bind to Field dropdown. (I am able to type in the new column names, but they don't seem to function in the grid.)


      Looking at the service datatype and code in the Data/Services tab, I can see that they're not showing the new columns. I tried doing a refresh, but they still don't show up.  I've snooped through the code in the services folder and I could try to add them myself. Before I do, I thought I'd better find out if there's a better way.


      Is the data service generation a one-time only type of function or is there a way to have it "re-generate" the data service so as to include any new or changed columns? Any advice on how best to handle this in the future (short of "finish the data model first" )?