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    PP CS5: Applying a transition between clips reveals frames from previous cuts!


      Hi to everyone. I am new to this forum and a casual user of PP at work. I don't that much experience with PP but never really had any problems so far.

      So, here is the case

      I import some HDV footage into project, cut some scenes with razor tool and move them to the timeline to join with another clip. I apply a transition and when testing-previewing it there comes one or two  frames that belong to the previous clip that I had cut with razor tool.

      I clear-remove  the transition and previewing it I cannot see these frames.

      I try and redo the whole case now carefully selecting the cut-razot point with my Contour Shuttle. I move this clip to join with another clip. I apply transition and again I can see in the middle of transition a frame that belongs to the previous razored clip.

      Any idea what is going on here?

      Thanks in advance