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    Jerky playback in PP

    DimmuJed Level 1

      My playback had been fine till recently. Now when I playback any file on any SSD or HDD it is jerky.


      It will play audio fine, and play the video fine, but every few seconds it jumps back a split second, and then catches back up.


      It was working fine prior to today.


      My system is decent enough to handle it too,


      i7 940 (3.4GHz)

      8 GB Ram

      8800GT Nvidia

      160GB SSD as main drive.



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          DimmuJed Level 1

          This even happens on titles with text only.


          Seems to have started after the 5.0.1 update. Fix? Work around? Way to roll back?


          Also does it in converted playback...ugh


          Just uninstalled 5.0.1 and reinstalled off my discs. Still having the same problem...ugh!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What is your Sequence Preset and what is your source footage?


            Do you have a red line over your Clips?


            If so, what happens if you Render (hit Enter)?


            Good luck,



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              DimmuJed Level 1

              If I hit render it does the same thing. My source and my sequence match up.


              The thing is, this even does it on projects I've already encoded and finished, that it hadn't prior.


              Could it be a codec issue? I've unistalled all the codecs I've installed recently and that hasn't fixed the problem.


              Could it be a Flash problem?


              I'm so frustrated. I've been trying to fix it for 3 hours...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                Could it be a codec issue? I've unistalled all the codecs I've installed recently and that hasn't fixed the problem.


                Could be, but without the full details of the source footage, it would only be a guess.


                Which CODEC's did you install? I hope that it was not something like K-Lite CODEC pack, or anything with FFDShow. Do you have FFDShow installed?


                Good luck,



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                  DimmuJed Level 1

                  it was the k-lite pack... and ffdshow was installed too... is that a problem? ive always used those b4...also all the files i edit are mp4 or avi at 29.97 fps. usually from sd to hd 1080p. though like i said it even does it on titles with no actual video on a brand new project even

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    K-Lite is like a light knot around your neck and when you add fast forward to the show, you may show symptoms like choking or worse.


                    Your hardware is good enough to handle editable material with relative ease, so either your material is intended to be watched and not edited, or you still have trouble with remnants of these codec packs. In the last case a fresh install of OS and programs may be your best bet.


                    Two lessons to be learned from this experience:


                    1. Never install codec packs, unless you are absolutely sure, confirmed by multiple other users, that it is safe and you really need them. Examples of safe codecs are Lagarith, Cineform, Morgan and Mainconcept.*


                    2. Use G-Spot or MediaInfo to determine the codec used in the source material and post a screenshot when you have questions about a problem.


                    * Even these codecs may initially cause problems in a new 64 bit version.

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                      Powered by Design Level 4

                      have you tried moving your media to a new hard drive.


                      maybe your drive is starting to go out.


                      I had one start to go out and i could play some things but when i tried to play video it lagged.




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                        DimmuJed Level 1

                        Well I booted to my other install of windows, and no jerky playback.


                        It's def a software issue. The files have been on either HDD or SDD and do the same thing. Now to find a remedy, or a way to remove all codecs from my computer. I don't think k-lite unistalls correctly. But I've also had the community pack, and whatever pack tversity comes with at one time or another. Though idk how it effects when there are only titles...

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          With K-Lite and FFDShow (can be part of it, or installed separately), you will likely have playback issues, regardless of the location of the files.


                          I would first try to uninstall FFDShow from Add/Remove programs, and then run a good Registry cleaner, like CCleaner. Be sure to first do a manual System Restore Point before, and then DO take advantage of CCleaner's Registry Backup (always play it safe). Reboot.


                          Next, uninstall everything K-Lite, and repeat CCleaner. Reboot.


                          Do not just go CODEC-hunting, as you will very likely remove some good ones and then other things will begin to happen.


                          The biggest problem with K-Lite, IMHO, is that it first adds many outdated CODEC's, most of which are hacked, or reverse-engineered. Next, it will overwrite, or change the priority of good, commercial CODEC's, again with a bunch of less than ideal versions. Then, it will install FFDShow. That module has caused issues with many Adobe programs, and with Premiere from about the introduction of PrPro 1.0/Pr 7.0.


                          For a machine that does nothing but AV playback, with no editing needed, it would be an OK investment in time. Otherwise, it can be death to an NLE, especially when FFDShow is added to the mix.


                          Good luck,




                          PS - one way that might get you clean is to go to a System Restore Point, prior to K-Lite's installation. However, depending on when that was, you may be way-back, and would then need to install all the good stuff, update your OS, and install all driver updates, from after that time.

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                            DimmuJed Level 1

                            FFDshow and K-Lite are uninstalled. Reg Mechanic and CCleaner ran. Same issue.


                            If I start windows in diagnostic startup it works fine. If I turn of all start up programs, the issue persists.


                            So I'm thinking there is a service messing with it. But which one...

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              If so, then perhaps this ARTICLE will give you some useful tips.


                              Good luck,