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    How to link Flash Catalyst code to existing Dreamweaver Form


      I would like to use Flash Catalyst to build some component functionality, but since I have a live website (built with Dreamweaver) and working Dreamweaver Forms linked to existing Databases...how would I link the Flash Catalyst code to my existing Form fields in Dreamweaver?  And NOT lose any of the bindings or submit functionality to my existing database tables?


      For example...

      I'm importing an Illustrator image into Flash Catalyst.  I'm identifying parts of the same image for button components.

      Say...Shirt color is a button component and Pants color is another button component.

      If you select the Shirt color button, you're presented with 60 buttons representing different colors.

      When you choose a color button, the Shirt changes to that color.

      Save Flash Catalyst project, and export to directory where dreamweaver files are stored.  (have not performed this step yet)


      The color choice for the Shirt is currently one question (of many) on a Dreamweaver Form as a radio button (belonging to a radio button group for Shirt) and when selected and submitted, sends the color choice for the Shirt to my database.


      So, how do I link the Flash Catalyst code generated for color choice (as mentioned above for Shirt) to the radio button representing that color for Shirt in my existing form that is sent to my database?


      I could rebuild the Form in Flash Catalyst and do away with the Form in Dreamweaver and the radio button choices...but I'm assuming I'd also lose all of the database connections previously established with my dreamweaver form?


      I could do away with the Form all together, if the customer could send an Image file (in AI format) to my database upon Submit...representing all of the color choices and text input made (as enabled by my Flash Catalyst project).  I would then import the file into Illustrator to add the items that the customer can't do themselves.


      I'd love to do the last option, but I don't know how to write action scripts or code to enable the creation of the image file.


      Is any of this possible using Flash Catalyst alone?  Or would I also need Flash Builder?  Or some other Adobe product?

      Keep in mind...I don't know how to write code : (