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    Need Help embeding Vimeo video inside of Flash.

    i am vodmare

      I have a flash site built using cs3/as3 and I am trying to get my vimeo videos to play from vimeo inside of the flash site.


      I have been researching with vimeo and the net and I cannot seem to get it to work right. They have a player called "moogaloop" available and the source code to get it to work, so long as you change the video file number to your video file number and use your authentication code. Both of which I have and still nothing.


      I know that it can be done because on the do it yourself WIX site, you can create a widget with just a few clicks and your good, with no use of moogaloop or coding. I dont want to use wix, I'm just making the observation that it shouldnt be that hard to do, yet it is, for me.


      Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone tried doing this for their purposes?